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Hi, I'm Mike 

and I am photographer

Mike is a german photographer and art-director focused on creating tangible, international imagery over a wide range of project mediums. From international commercial campaigns to expressive magazin covers, exceptional fashion photography to gritty documentary and branded content - he approaches every subject with intent to make something fresh, while holding onto a timeless, tangible aesthetic.
His disarming personality and agile team have produce editorial content for online and print campaigns all over the globe, but equally, always interested in telling stories on the edges and outskirts of mainstream culture.

Born in Gelnhausen and raised in Aschaffenburg, his wish to be a photographer became serious, when he got his own camera from his father in the age of fourteen. A lifelong friend, that remembers everything on 35mm black and white film. 
An education of three years and the final exam, took Mike to the next level of professional photography. Meanwhile he can look back to over fifteen years experience, amazing shoots and stunning people he had met.

"Photography is not just taking a photograph - 
it's all about telling stories"

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